April 8, 2016

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RPV3Wow! Is it April already?! Rudy Project kicked off this month with a bang, so start scrolling to catch up on the latest athlete and product news + find out how much fun we had ringing in the 1st of the month. Don’t forget to follow Rudy Project North America on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!




Rudy Project Named Official Helmet of World’s
Toughest Bicycle Race: Race Across America

BradRAAMWe are proud to announce our new partnership as the Official Helmet of the World’s Toughest Bicycling Race, Race Across America. During this 4 year collaboration, we will ensure all competitors have access to the most comfortable, technically advanced and aerodynamic helmets available, which will keep them cool, focused and safe during their incredible 3,000 mile race from CA to MD. Read more: http://bit.ly/23bTut3


Gear Check with Runner’s World: Rudy Project Synform

Check out this review of the Rudy Project Synform with Runner’s World gear editor Jeff Dengate. View the full video here: http://bit.ly/22SLv3Z


A Literal David Shaking Up the
World of Sunglass & Helmet Goliaths

David1Over the past 30 years, Rudy Project has prevailed as a ‘David’ in a world dominated by ‘Goliaths,’ staying true to our Italian-based family roots and never selling out to the mass market giants. We even have a literal David behind every Rudy Project masterpiece, invention and technological breakthrough, our Lead Designer, David Michaud. Learn more by visiting the Rudy Editorial: http://bit.ly/1RLZjmn


Active Gear Review Applauds the Tralyx

rudy-project-tralyx-4Another reason to grab a pair of the Rudy Project Tralyx sunglasses? Active Gear Review explains why these performance shades are the no nonsense choice for athletes who don’t have spare seconds to waste messing around with faulty eyewear:


Sunglasses, Optics, & Vision in Cycling


Your eyes are extremely important and taking good care of them on the bike is vital. Our friends at Cycling 360 brought in Rudy Project’s Director of Public Relations, Devin Johnson, to tell them all about the importance of eyewear in their latest podcast. Check it out above & visit the Cycling360 website here: http://bit.ly/1UGy0j4


Swim, Bike, or Run? Who Has More Fun?

MadiWho has the most fun: swimmers, cyclists, runners, or triathletes? This question was posed to Triple Threat Triathlon by our own CEO, Paul Craig, and has morphed into quite the dialogue. Read the full post here: http://bit.ly/1qoxV7n


World’s First Anti-Gravity Helmet Launched by Rudy Project

dev1What a better way to kick off April than to introduce the world’s first anti-gravity helmet?! The revolutionary Wing57 Anti-Grav incorporates several completely new technologies which will not only help cyclists and triathletes set new records, but will also usher in a new era of science and space travel. Read more about our April Fool’s spoof here: http://bit.ly/1VxudDy

april fools_just puppy

And for those of you subscribed to our e-mail list, we’re sorry to tell you you’re not actually getting a puppy! 😉 Happy April Fools & have a great spring!


What’s Next on the Rudy Event Calendar:

12540979_10153328352243457_1134705445186928923_nWhat’s up the next two weeks? Rudy Project will be at IRONMAN 70.3 Galveston April 8-10 as well as IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans April 15-17! Swing by our booth to check out the latest & greatest, and get an outstanding deal.

To see all the events Rudy Project will be at in 2016, click here!




IRONMAN 70.3 California Stacked with Rudy Pros

IRONMAN 70.3 California was stacked with Rudy Project athletes in the pro field. On the men’s side we saw outstanding performances from Andreas Dreitz (2nd), Tim Reed (3rd), Andy Potts (4th), Sam Appleton (8th), and Nicholas Kastelein (9th). On the women’s side Heather Jackson took 3rd, Mary Beth Ellis took 8th, and Jennifer Spieldenner rounded out the Top 10.

Check out this short video of Heather Jackson‘s race analysis as well as this awesome photo gallery from Triathlete Magazine showcasing our pros and our gear: http://bit.ly/1UGESgs


How Sean Swarner Reached the Top of the World

This Is The First Cancer Survivor To Summit Mount Everest

“When you’re diagnosed and you’re only given 14 days to live, you really appreciate life.” Rudy Project athlete Sean Swarner is the first cancer survivor to summit Mount Everest, and he did it using one working lung. In this video from The Huffington Post, Sean explain his experience and why he believes there’s a “difference between being alive and living.” Check it out here: http://huff.to/25oxRo7


Jelly Belly Dominates at Tour de Murrieta

Pro/1/2 – 2016 Tour de Murrieta – Day 3 from Kawika Photography on Vimeo.

Day 3 of the 2016 Tour de Murrieta was a good one for Jelly Belly Cycling! Watch team member Ben Wolfe get the win in this great recap video.




Tayo Metal RedDoes it get cooler than the Rudy Project Tayo? We didn’t think so. It’s too bad these aren’t available on e-rudy, but if you’re looking to match a red kit, check out the Agon.




From across the vast internet to right in our own back yard, here are some of the coolest photos, videos & stories that have been shared with us lately. Most of them, sent to us from people just like you, Rudy Project fans! Take a moment if you haven’t already, and connect with us on social media – keep sending us your photos, videos & stories – we’ll be sure to share them with the world!



Entering T2 at #IM703Cali. #TimeTrialTuesday #MyCanyon 📷 @markleeimages

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The ski hill closed yesterday and Mother Nature decided to treat us to some awesome weather, I’ll take it! #crestedbutte

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Sunset training in San Francisco ain’t too bad 📷@jordanrosenphotography

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Credit: Bob Babbitt

FYI: Bob is an IRONMAN Hall of Fame and USA Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee, as well as the co-founder of Competitor Magazine and the Challenged Athletes Foundation. He also created Competitor Radio and the Muddy Buddy Ride and Run Series. Check out his website here & catch him rocking his Elvis shades on April 18th at the Boston Marathon: http://www.babbittville.com/

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