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Versatility for the Athlete Within

P1100133Named for the Greek word meaning Athletic Competition, the Rudy Project Agon glasses are exceptionally versatile and stylish for any athlete. With an abundance of frame and lens color combinations, you can create a new look for every upcoming activity or adventure. When the weather drops below freezing or if it’s scorching hot out, the Agon’s adjustable ventilation system will even keep your vision clear and on target. So whether you embody the competitive Agon name or simply want a fun pair of sporty shades, the Agon glasses will rock your world.


Lightweight yet durable, Rudy Project’s Agon glasses perform consistently well in all sorts of weather. The integrated venting system prevents fogging issues in super cold temperatures, even when your workout is heating things up. In warmer temperatures, the Agon’s integrated ventilation system improves airflow and keeps you cool through the most extreme hot and humid conditions. The vents are easy to open and close with just a quick pull or push of the lenses. Mid-workout adjustments have never been so easy!



Interchangeable Rudy Project lenses makes swapping out different colors and lens types quick and easy. Agon lenses gently snap in and out of the frames so you can choose the perfect frame and lens combo for any adventures ahead. There are several lens types to choose from, including Rudy Project’s unbreakable ImpactX-2. Rudy also offers a variety of prescription options as well.

The robust RP Optic Lenses are lightweight and provide full UVA and UVB protection. Each lens has a different level of light transmission so you can decide how light or dark you want your lenses based off of how sunny it is outside.

P1100156Another Agon lens choice comes in the form of shatterproof ImpactX-2 lenses with anti-scratch technology. The durable, semi-rigid properties of these lenses were designed exclusively for Rudy Project and they’ll protect your eyes even in the event of a crash. Best of all, they can transition from clear to black, brown or red (depending on the model you buy), so you’ll be covered in all light conditions.

Finally, you can choose from Polar 3FX polarized lenses to eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue. With special light absorption and molecular properties, the Polar 3FX lenses provide excellent eye protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays.


P1100132Agon’s sizable lenses protect a large area around the eyes and cheeks to make these glasses well suited for medium to large faces. However, with a few modifications of the fully adjustable nosepiece and temple tips, Agon glasses will work well with a wide range of face shapes and sizes. These adjustable features also help stabilize the glasses so even a bumpy mountain bike ride won’t knock them off your face.


P1100146Frames and Looks

With an abundance of colors and lens options, Rudy Project’s Agon glasses can suit even the wildest athlete’s styles and tastes. They have a ‘sporty’ design that says you’re here to work hard. But the colorful options add some attitude and fun to the overall look. Set a new fashion trend by mixing and matching your glasses and lenses or coordinate them with your cycling or running gear for the day. You’ll not only look great in the Agon glasses, but you’ll also have crisp and clear vision all day long.


hemet-and-glassesRudy Project’s Agon glasses are best described as versatile. The colorful frames and interchangeable lenses open up a new world of color and style combinations. Also, the integrated ventilation system makes these glasses perfect for any season and any condition. For the any athlete looking for spice things up all year long, the Agon sunglasses will blow you away!




The Agon are available now from any authorized Rudy Project dealer, or online at 

About Kristen:
Kristen Legan is a former professional triathlete, current elite cyclists, and lives for outdoor adventures the world over. She was one of six women to ride the entire Tour de France in 2012 as part of the women’s Rêve Tour team. Besides riding, running, and adventuring, Legan also coaches with APEX Coaching out of Boulder, Colorado.

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