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Eye pro reviews tend to be one of the least sexy topics for reviewers. If you don’t already wear glasses, they are a pain in the ass. If you do wear glasses then now you have to shell out cash for another pair dedicated to shooting or wear those awful inserts. I fall into the latter category. My vision has been bad since I was in 2nd grade. As I have gotten older, it has not regressed as bad as many of my friends, but it has still been a downward slide.

When I started shooting, I relied heavily on magnified optics to correct my vision why using traditional safety glasses. As I transitioned from rifle to a pistol, I was forced to get prescription safety lenses.

To kill 2 expensive birds with one stone, I opted for a pair of expensive prescription safety rated sunglasses from Oakley. While they worked great outdoors on sunny days, they did not perform well indoors. Making me look like Corey Hart who wears his sunglasses at night was the least of my worries but it did bothersome. All in all they never offered me the wide view I wanted when shooting and the worst part was how badly they would fog up.

Those glasses disappeared during the NRA show in Nashville this year and were never turned in to the lost and found. It was about this time I started working with Steve Fisher and Sentinel Concepts who is sponsored by the Rudy Project. Steve would go on and on about how awesome these glasses were and how I needed a set. So I finally broke down and purchased a pair.


rudy-barbazza-235x300What is Rudy Project?

Rudy Barbazza an Italian man with all the flair, tan and machismo you would expect from an Italian designer set out to improve the performance of athletes through better-made glasses. Basing his vision around the trademark Technically Cool, he has developed performance prescription lenses that focus on the needs of high-end athletes and competitive shooters.



Because I was able to purchase these with my student discount as a Sentinel Concepts alumni going into a store to try them on was out of the question. Instead, I turned to the online prescription store here:

Take a minute and take a look. They list a deceivingly simple 25 items. You see each of the items has 2 – 17 color options. That is way more options than my tiny brain could manage. To make matters worse, there was no Yeti or Typhon to make color choices simple.

I eventually decided on the Stratofly frame with the ImpactRx FreeForm TEK / Photochromic Grey lenses.

Check out the options in the Stratofly line alone:


Features That Sold Me

I’m so damn hot from being overly sexy that my glasses regularly fog up. OK, in reality fogging has always been an issue for me but my heat is likely generated from body fat vs. any sexy factor. Regardless, while fogged glasses in everyday life is an inconvenience, in competition, classes or on the range, it is downright dangerous. Getting an effective way to prevent fog that went above just spitting on my lenses was a must.


Steve Fisher and Sentinel Concepts


Fogging Reduction

Rudy has multiple options to counteract fog:

  • Soft Megol® Brow Interface
  • Stainless Steel Air-Flow Grill
  • Integrated Vent Controller
  • Edge-to-Edge RX Coverage

The Stratofly uses the Integrated Vent Controller. This is a dual set of air flow vents around the lenses. The larger notch is on the outside edge and is always open. With a simple adjustment of the lens by pulling it away from the frame, the lens will pivot and open a second air flow. Combined with any sort of breeze or movevent_controllerment such as running the airflow will move around the lens stopping the formation of fog.

A simple and easy solution that has increased my quality of life on the range dramatically. Now if they could only prevent sweat from getting in my eyes.


Photochromic Lenses

The Photochromic lenses allowed me to purchase a single pair of glasses that will work from low light to the intense sun. Since these glasses were going to cost me several hundred dollars I wanted to make sure that one pair would serve all my needs. I can drive with these at night and even wore them to a no light low light class without issue. They are not nearly as dark in full sun as any of my previous glasses, but they do the job removing glare and reducing the amount of light.

With their interchangeable lens system if I wanted I could buy a second set of lenses. For now though I am happy with them as they are. So happy in fact that unless we are in the house or driving extended distances at night I wear these glasses almost exclusively. The only draw back is my idiotic friends like Jason from SDI and a few other idiots like to serenade me with  Corey Hart’s I wear my sunglasses at night song.

impactx-photochromicAdjustable Anti Slip Nose Pads

adjustable-anti-slip-nosepadsPart of what we do here is honest reviews.  In fairness with that honesty I’m going to admit when I am an idiot. I have to thank Jeff Wild of Defensive Manipulations Institutefor pointing out the Adjustable Anti Slip Nose pads to me. He looked at me in his class and asked why I was wearing my glasses so close to my face. As thefully-adjustable-anit-slip-templesse Rudy’s were not as close to my face as my previous Oakley’s, I was unsure what he was talking about. Then he showed me how positioning the nose pads up and out from the bridge of your nose increases the airflow even more and reduces the collection of heat.

When combined with the anti-slip temples these glasses do not slip or slide even under intense movement on an extremely sweaty body. Even during the extreme rainexperienced at my last 2 classes I had no issues with the glasses moving around on my head.


Limited Warranty

Rudy warranties RX lenses for 1 year from scratches. Considering these are shooting glasses, and I have been hit with brass in the face several times since buying these that is a good thing. I am happy to report that now after almost 3 months there are no scratches on my lenses.

Frames are warrantied for 3 years. When you look at an expensive frame like this that allows for replaceable lenses that is a great thing. You can easily find you changing your prescription before you need to change frames. Making these, an upgradable solution moving forward. Buy once cry once is a safe motto here.


Final Thoughts

Limited to no fogging, light weight, light adaptable and anti-slip, what more could you possibly want in a pair of shooting glasses? While Rudy may not have the name that some brands have built they have a product that in my opinion works better for athletes, especially shooters.

I have had more people ask about these glasses in the 3 months I have worn them than I had from my Oakleys in 3 years.

We are ordering a pair for my wife for range use as she won’t give up her Chanel glasses for EDC. In short there is no better recommendation I can give then the protection of my eyesight and that of my wife’s.

You can purchase from many local dealers if you want to lay hands on these glasses first. Or you can go direct and purchase from their website with a free 30 day return.



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